Who We Are


Eric - Owner

Bicycles have been a love of mine since the age of three, when I got my first Huffy. In the beginning bicycles were a way to spend time with friends and push each other. Today the same is true when we are out riding our mountain bikes. I have ridden a lot of bikes over the years having started with dirt jumping and downhill. I have expanded my arsenal to include trail bikes, commuters, as well as a gravel bikes. Aside from my love of cycling, I have a passion for building things and developing relationships.  Drake Cycles has provided me the opportunity to incorporate all three of the passions into one.  At Drake Cycles we are first and foremost riders, it is that knowledge that helps us build and cultivate the positive relationships we have with the Northern Colorado community.  Drake cycles was founded on a passion for bicycles and to create a place where riders could get their bikes services by serious riders.  It has grown into a full service shop focused on relationships with the community and customers.  From the custom made fixtures to the most extensive of bike repairs, Drake Cycles is proud to be a part of the Northern Colorado cycling community and I look forward to seeing you in the shop and on the trail, let’s get out and ride!


JOE - Manager

I like bikes.  I like fixing bikes.  I like riding bikes.  I like bikes.  Bikes. Bikes. Bikes.